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Dr Patricia Liana CRISTODOR


Associate Professor, University of Medicine and Pharmacy "V. Babes" Timisoara 2008-present
2005-2008 Lecturer (same University)
2002-present PhD
1998-present Senior doctor
1990-2005 Assistant Professor
1990-1992 Resident in Dermatology
1986-1990 GP
1977-1983 Student in Medicine
Language skills: Romanian, English, French
Clinical Trials (phase 3): 2005-2006, 2006-2007> Parkinson's Disease; 2006 - Herpes Zoster; 2011-2012: Psoriasis; 2017: Chronic venous failure
Teaching and Research Experience:
- Young Investigator Avard - 1st prize in the Congress of the International Society of Angiology, Copenhagen, 2003
- PhD with the Thesis "Microangiopathic Ulcerations - ethiopathogeny, diagnosis, treatment"
- Lecturer in numerous courses on Dermoscopy, STDs, Compression therapy, Dermatologic Surgery, Dermatocosmetology, Venous pathology, Immunodermatology.
Membership of medical scientific societies: EADV, SRD, IDS, AMSR
Courses: International Dermoscopy Diploma (IDS), Surgery of the nails (EADV), Medium advanced Dermatologic Surgery (EADV), Liposuction course (Jeffrey Klein, San Huan Capistrano), Dermatocosmetology course for the formation of formators, Confocal Microscopy.
Original method of investigation: Skin Angiofluorography
Very good relationship with the students and residents, good social abilities.
Numerous presentations in National and International Congresses of Dermatology, Plastic Surgery, Dermoscopy.
Numerous articles in national and international publications.
Hobbies: Photography, Music, Drawing, Education, Psychology.

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