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Dr. Peter Velthuis is dermatologist and founder of the ‘Velthuis Kliniek’ (Velthuis Clinic). He did his PhD research on immunology in the skin and influence of light/laser (1990)

Peter Velthuis nowadays has an important supporting and advisory role in the field of cosmetic dermatology. He is head of the cosmetic dermatology section of the Dermatology Department of the Erasmus University Medical Center Rotterdam (Netherlands). 

He is scientific director of IMCAD FUND. This is a foundation for the advancement of research in plastic surgery, dermatology and aging science.

Dr. Velthuis' research group at Erasmus MC published on filler complications and the use of ultrasound in cosmetic dermatology.

Peter Velthuis is president of European Society for Cosmetic and Aesthetic Dermatology (ESCAD), board member of the Dutch Association for Cosmetic Dermatology (NVCD) and co-chairman of the Dutch Aesthetic Laser Association (DALA).

Together with dr. Leonie Schelke he is partner in Cutaneous, an educational firm for facial ultrasound imaging

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Peter VELTHUIS's publications (12)

Increased usage of botulinum toxin and hyaluronic acid fillers in young adults.

Oct, 2020

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Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology : JEADV

Periorbital postinflammatory hyperpigmentation after plasma exeresis.

05, 2020

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Dermatologic therapy

Principal component analysis of seven skin-ageing features identifies three main types of skin ageing.

06, 2020

The underlying phenotypic correlations between wrinkles, pigmented spots (PS), telangiectasia and other related facial-ageing subphenotypes are not well understood. read more

The British journal of dermatology
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