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Dr Pin Chi CHIU


2018/Nov ~
: Chief director of Aletheia Holistic Dermatology Center

2014/Sep ~ 2018/Jan
: Chairman, International Aesthetic Medical Center, China Medical University Hospital
: M.D., Dermatology Department of China Medical University Hospital

2015/Sep ~ 2018/Jan
: Lecturer of Department of Cosmeceutics, China Medical University

2007/Aug ~ 2014/Aug
: Chairman, Department of Dermatology,
 National Taiwan University Hospital Yun-Lin Branch
: Chairman, Medical Aesthetic Center,
 National Taiwan University Hospital Yun-Lin Branch

2003/Jul ~ 2014/Aug
: M.D., Dermatology Department of National Taiwan University Hospital

Dr. Chiu is a recognized expert on cosmeceuticals, cosmetic dermatology and acne/rosacea/melasma/sensitive skin management. He is appointed to give special lectures about cosmeceuticals and medical dermatology at annual meetings of TDA for many years. Also, he has been frequently invited to speak at national and international conferences about many aesthetic and medical related topics. He also first setup renowned cosmetic and skin-care social media fan group in Taiwan for public education. His work dedicated to cosmeceuticals in dermatological science and cosmetic industry.

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