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Dr Po Han Patrick HUANG


Patrick Huang, MD, served as the Director of the Taiwanese Dermatological Association between 2006 to 2012 and has been serving as an Executive Director since 2012. Dr. Huang was appointed as the Chair of the Dept of Dermatology at Chang Gung Memorial Hospital-Kaohsiung in 2002. During his term as the department chair, he tried to balance medical dermatology and aesthetic dermatology. He established the first aesthetic dermatology service in 2003.

Before Dr. Huang reformed the dermatology Congress's meeting format in Taiwan in 2012, the providers of these types of training course services for aesthetic procedures were only all industrial. Dr. Huang established the Taiwanese Dermatology Aesthetic Conference to serve local and regional dermatologists and aesthetic practitioners the neutral continuous medical education in English in 2013. Because of this event's big success, he was invited and has been in charge of organizing IMCAS Asia since 2014.

Dr. Huang not only founded the Taiwan Society for Dermatologic and Aesthetic Surgery to represent and unite skin surgeons in 2016 but was also certified as a Mentor / Host of the International Traveling Mentorship Program of the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery, where he started his path of international collaboration in 2018. He is one of the only three Taiwanese dermatologists to embark on this educational project. Dr. Huang revised the dermatology residency training program with more intense skin surgery and aesthetic dermatology training in 2017. This is also the main reason why the Residency Review Committee of the Ministry of Education of Taiwan Government recategorized dermatology specialty from Internal Medicine to Surgery.

During the pandemic of COVID-19, he established the Cyber Conference of Aesthetic Dermatology and Skin Surgery in APAC to provide online, highly interactive medical education in these time zones to meet the demands of the regional practitioners. Dr. Huang was hailed as one of the pioneers in expanding the roles of dermatologists in Asia. With that professionalism, he was elected as the Board President of Kaohsiung American School in 2016~18.

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