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Czech Republic

Date of birth : 8.7.1969 PraguePositions: a / Associated Professor - Charles University Prague c/ CEO and owner- ASKLEPION Group d/ Responsible for European Programs – NYU, New York, USA Positions : Clinic of Oral, Head, Neck and Face Medicine, Charles University , Prague /1992-now- Clinic of Surgery, General University Hospital Prague, 3 months /1993/, President-Czech Dental Chamber Profesional and Scientific organizations :Board Member of IMCAS Academy, European Delegate – American Academy of Implant Dentistry od r. 2002- Felow - American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery   Chief – Society of Aesthetic and Laser Medicine- Czech Medical Society of JE Purkyne, from 2013- member – European Laser Association, od r. 1999- member - SPIE – The International Society for Optical Engineering, od r. 1996- member - Society of Cranio-maxillofacial Surgery- ČLSJEP- member Czech Dental ChamberPublications:Monography 5 Chapters in Monographies : 6 Original Studies in indexed journals : 24 Other scientific papers : 43 Popular medical papers: 168 Lectures  – 74 internationally; State prize for Medical Science 2008Hobby: TV host and writer - Who want to be a millionaire (Czech version), Brightest Czech, TABU, 1 against 100 ....

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Ozone and its usage in general medicine and dentistry. A review article.


Ozone, an allotropic form of oxygen, is successfully used in the treatment of different diseases for more than a hundred years. It is highly valued for various effects, such as antimicrobial, antihypoxic, analgesic, immunostimulating etc. on biological systems. These mechanisms of action supported with a lot of case reports and scientific studies allow using it in different fields of medicine. This review of literature is another attempt to summarize different modalities of ozone application in dentistry. Further studies are necessary to standardize indications and treatment protocols of this promising medical agent. read more

Prague medical report

Effect of the combination of laser excision and interstitial hyperthermia in palliative therapy of head and neck tumours in the advanced stage of the disease.


We evaluated the potential of combining laser excision with laser interstitial hyperthermia in order to improve the quality of life of patients with 3rd or 4th stage malignant head and neck tumours. read more

Lasers in surgery and medicine

Fractional carbon dioxide laser improves nodular basal cell carcinoma treatment with photodynamic therapy with methyl 5-aminolevulinate.

Aug, 2013

The major limitation of photodynamic therapy with 5-aminolevulinic acid (ALA-PDT) is proper photosensitizer penetration. The nodular form of BCC (nBCC) is perceived as a contraindication to ALA-PDT because the tumor layer is thicker than 2 mm. We have improved on the results of previous studies that used an ablative laser to limit tumor thickness. A fractional laser produces skin microtubules that can improve the penetration of ALA into tumors. read more

Dermatologic surgery : official publication for American Society for Dermatologic Surgery [et al.]
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