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Prof Sebastian COTOFANA

United States

Understanding facial anatomy is the key for safe, effective and longlasting surgical and aesthetic procedures

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Effects of exercise intervention on knee morphology in middle-aged women: a longitudinal analysis using magnetic resonance imaging.


Epidemiological studies show a positive relationship between physical activity and cartilage volume, suggesting that exercise may protect against osteoarthritis. Cross-sectional experimental studies, however, have failed to show significant differences in knee cartilage morphology between athletes and nonathletic controls. The aim of the study was to test the hypothesis that knee cartilage morphology, specifically regional cartilage thickness and global subchondral bone area, is modified in sedentary, untrained adult women who increased their physical fitness during a 3-month supervised exercise intervention. read more

Cells, tissues, organs

The Anatomy of the Aging Face: A Review.

Jun, 2016

Rejuvenative procedures of the face are increasing in numbers, and a plethora of different therapeutic options are available today. Every procedure should aim for the patient's safety first and then for natural and long-lasting results. The face is one of the most complex regions in the human body and research continuously reveals new insights into the complex interplay of the different participating structures. Bone, ligaments, muscles, fat, and skin are the key players in the layered arrangement of the face.Aging occurs in all involved facial structures but the onset and the speed of age-related changes differ between each specific structure, between each individual, and between different ethnic groups. Therefore, knowledge of age-related anatomy is crucial for a physician's work when trying to restore a youthful face.This review focuses on the current understanding of the anatomy of the human face and tries to elucidate the morphological changes during aging of bone, ligaments, muscles, and fat, and their role in rejuvenative procedures. read more

Facial plastic surgery : FPS

Comparison of radiographic joint space width and magnetic resonance imaging for prediction of knee replacement: A longitudinal case-control study from the Osteoarthritis Initiative.

Jun, 2016

To evaluate whether change in fixed-location measures of radiographic joint space width (JSW) and cartilage thickness by MRI predict knee replacement. read more

European radiology
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