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Prof Taro KONO

Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Taro Kono obtained his M.D. at the Faculty of Medicine of the Kagoshima University in Japan in 1993. He completed his professional training in the Department of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery of the Tokyo Women’s Medical University from 1993 to 1995 and the Department of Surgery of the Metropolitan General Hospital from 1995 – 1997. Since 1998, Dr. Kono has been working together with other professions in publicizing more than 130 publications on plastic surgery and laser surgery, and was invited to speak at local and international meetings. He is an associate editor of Lasers in Medical Science, editorial boards of Journal of Cosmetic and laser therapy, Plastic Surgery International, an instructor and council member of Japanese Society for Laser Surgery and Medicine, Fellow member of American Society of Laser Surgery and Medicine. He is now the Lecturer and Chief of Laser Unit and assosiate professor at the Department of Plastic Surgery of the Tokai University and visiting professor of Nippon university.

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