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Plastic Surgeon

For more than twenty years, I have been settled in the Vendée région where I practise my « art »- skills at La Clinique Esthétique of Les Sables d Olonne. The surgical side of my practice is done at the two clinics of Porte Oceane at Sables d’Olonne and at St Charles at la Roche sur yon.

I also opened in 2006 La Clinique Esthétique, -400 sq.m. devoted to the science of esthetics and well being. A symbolic place to express my second passion of art in all its forms but especially pictorial.

I'll be President of the french society of aesthetic and plastic surgery (SOFCEP)  for a congress in les Sables d'Olonne whose subjet is : Aesthetic in a time of disruption

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