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Dr Vasilios S LAMBROS

Plastic Surgeon
United States

In practice in Orange County since 1984, Dr. Lambros has been on the forefront of new thought and technique in plastic surgery on a national and international level.A frequent speaker at local regional and national meetings, Dr. Lambros has challenged traditional plastic surgery assumptions about many aspects of facial aging and facial surgery. He is an authority on how the face actually ages, not how it is supposed to.Personally Dr. Lambros is warm, listens to people carefully and goes to great lengths to achieve goals without overselling surgery. A consultation with him will not be a high pressure, or even a low-pressure sales effort. What makes the most anatomic and aesthetic sense for a face, breasts or body is what he will recommend. For many people he will suggest doing nothing, or make suggestions of minor treatments if they don’t need surgery. These are characteristics hard to find in Newport Beach.Though the face is Dr. Lambros’ main research interest he has done body contouring since its inception in the U.S. and has designed several widely used liposuction instruments. Breast augmentation is a staple of plastic surgery and Dr. Lambros has done them since 1984. You are invited to look through our patient results to look at the combination of experience, craft and judgment Dr. Lambros shows in taking care of people.

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