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Dr Wen Hsien Ethan HUANG

Cosmetic Surgeon

Dr. Wen Hsien Ethan Huang is a qualified aesthetic surgeon and dermatologist with "Smart Clinics + Smart Labs" in Taiwan and China, CEO of GeneHope Bio and "Surgineer". He is the senior committee member of both Taiwan Society for Stem Cell Research (TSSCR) and China Medicine Education Association(CMEA) now and has received Open Innovation Interviews with Experts by Scientific Chinese on Dec.,2013. He is the advocater of needle- hub thread lift (NHTL) and inventor of ThreaFa Tight® Series and also co- inventor of GeneHope Facial Analyzer 3.0 and GeneHope Deep Heat ® EBD (Energy-Based Devices) Glass Project. He started working in aesthetic medicine since 1999 and later joined GeneHope group in the year of 2011. He is now president of Taiwan International Academy of Anti- aging Educator’s Training, president of Threafa Tight ® Biotech Ltd. and CEO/CMTO at GeneHope Biotech Ltd. His work has centered around building a sustainable anti-aging path to the future, and in particular has unceasingly make effort to increase innovative patents in various territories and works steadily and makes solid progress to meet all the market requirements. He is known for his prominent professional role both in China and Taiwan. His research interests include regenerative medicine (stem cell research), innovation of medical devices, VR/AR/XR, Deep Machine Learning, & medical robotics. Dr. Huang is an emerging technology evangelist and adviser, in demand global speaker and publisher on VRAR, AI, IoT and other technologies, as well as, a hands on developer that currently building a team of AI developers for healthcare, medtech and biotech.

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