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Dr Won LEE

Plastic Surgeon
South Korea

Director of Yonsei E1 Plastic Surgery Clinic

Graduated Yonsei University Medical College

Master’s degree in Medical Science from the Graduate School of Dongguk University

Full Members of the Korean Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons

Book : Springer : Filler complications 2019

Book : Kunja : Practical guidelines for effective and safe filler injections 2019

Article : Nasal dorsum augmentation using soft tissue filler injection. JCD 2019

Article : Effectiveness of retrobulbar hyaluronidase injection in an iatrogenic blindness rabbit model using hyaluronic acid filler injection. PRS 2019

Article : Practical Guidelines for Hyaluronic Acid Soft-Tissue Filler Use in Facial Rejuvenation. Dermatol Surg 2019

Article : Novel technique of filer injection in the temple area usng the vein dtection device. JPRAS 2018

Article : Staged mosaic punching excision of a kissing nevus on the eyelid. Aesth Plast Surg 2019

Article : Correction of sunken upper eyelid with orbital fat transposition flap and dermofat graft. JPRAS 2017

Article : Augmentation mammoplasty with silicone implant using transumbilical approach at a supal level. Ann Plas Surg 2014

Article : Clinical application of a new hyaluronic acid filler based on its rheological properties and the anatomical site of injection. Biomedical dermatology 2018



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