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Pr Yan WU

Yan Wu M.D. Ph.D, I have worked in dermatology department after graduation and accumulated a lot experience in clinical work especially in skin physiology and cosmetic dermatology. I had set up special clinics for acne/rosacea, hair disorders and pigmented disorders. I involved in the cosmetic procedures for many years and was skillful in laser, peeling, BOTOX injection, filler, etc. As for basic research, I had done some work on skin barrier function, pigmentation and photoaging. I had established a non-invasive skin physiology test lab to evaluate in vivo the changes of skin physiology and also an imaging system, which can take the standardized 2D and 3D photos for evaluation. I also developed some animal models for researches on barrier function and photoaging. We have many cultured cells including keratinocyte, melanocyte, fibroblast and co-culture system for keratinocyte and melanocyte. Our works were funded by Chinese National Natural Science Funds, Beijing Natural Science Funds, CMA funds, CDA funds and also international collaborations. More than 40 papers had been published in core journals and eight of them were SCI included. I am also responsible for our monitor site for the surveying work authorized by the SFDA to monitor the safety of cosmetics in Chinese market.
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