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Dr Yau Chu Peter HUANG

Plastic Surgeon
Dr. Peter Huang currently heads the Rebecca Cosmetic Center in Taipei. Over the years, he has held position in various hospitals in Taiwan including the role of Plastic Surgeon for Cathay General Hospital and Attending Doctor at the Plastic Surgery Department of Taipei Medical University Hospital, Taiwan. Dr. Huang received his medical degree from the China Medical University, Taiwan in 1989. After which, he commenced his houseman ship in Cathay General Hospital and subsequently specialized in plastic surgery. He was also a Fellow at the Columbia University Hospital and Stanford University, USA in 1994 and 2002 respectively. Dr. Huang is a Board Member for Taiwan Society for Burn Injuries and Wound Healing and is also Dean of Plastic Surgeon at Min-Shen general hospital. In addition, Dr. Huang is the Executive Chairman of Elsye Aesthetic Center in Min-Shen General Hospital, Taiwan.
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