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Marilyn CAPOTE

Industry representative
United States

Marilyn Capote, is a renowned speaker, educator, influencer and CCO of Mastering the Game Company. MC, as she is better known, has taken the world by storm, with her creative style and high-energy messages. She has devoted her complete being to personal development and building her business from solopreneur status to a multi-million-dollar company. Through a significant amount of loss to gain with a previous full aesthetics practice; attributed to business deal gone wrong, the entrepreneur realized she cracked the code of the game. She has married together decades of experience gained from her own walk, alongside all of her best pearls for YOU to jump into the Aesthetics Game with fierce confidence. 

Quote from MC-"I want the world to know that my ultimate goal in life is to show you that it is possible if you want it bad enough" 

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