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Global OrthoBiologic invests, identifies, develops and markets groundbreaking medical technologies related to Regenerative Medicine in the GLOBAL market!

Global OrthoBiologic is a privately-held groundbreaking medical technologies’ company for use in therapies that significantly enhance the body’s natural healing ability. The company has developed extensive experience in the most advanced medical device industries. In the past several years, the emphasis has been focused exclusively on Regenerative Medicine and stem cell technologies, products, and therapies. The technologies for stem cells are cutting edge, safe, clean and do not use any additives, enzymes, or require culturing or growing of cells. 

Global OrthoBiologic has built a comprehensive network of experts in Europe, South America, Middle East, Asia, and Australia. The company partners with recognized medical facilities worldwide for evidence-based clinical medicine. Global OrthoBiologic subsidiary Global ACADEMY, therefore, provides educational events allowing physicians and healthcare practitioners to expand their knowledge of best practices and clinical applications of regenerative medicine. Global ACADEMY provides training workshops consisting of lectures and hands-on practicum to mentor physicians and healthcare professionals in best practices and standardized methods for optimal results and better patient outcomes. Additionally, larger, international conferences are provided in various locations to provide opportunities for physicians to learn new information and relevant protocols that impact their work while creating an occasion for networking with highly respected and esteemed international thought leaders with clinical experience in a variety of specialties. Educational information is provided to physicians both at sponsored events as well as through Global ACADEMY’s digital websites, physician portal, newsletters, email content, and social media.

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