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Industry Representative

Walter Arkesteijn is a Dutch entrepreneur and inventor. With a background in electronics engineering, he is the founder and managing director of the Netherlands-based company InnoFaith beauty sciences where his passion for skin, biosciences and engineering converge.

InnoFaith beauty sciences is established in 1996 and is specialized in the development and production of advanced skin and hair diagnostic devices and instrumental cosmetics. Strongly driven by innovation and research, InnoFaith beauty sciences positions itself at the cutting edge of the industry offering creative and smart solutions. Over 20 years of experience has led to the realization of many successful partnerships and collaborations with globally renowned aesthetic and cosmetic multinationals and pharmaceutical and skin research centers. With a profound knowledge of human skin and hair biology and an award-winning skin analysis device under his name, Walter Arkesteijn is a widely recognized pioneer bringing innovation to the cosmetic industry. 

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