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Xiaoming LIN

Industry Representative
United States

Xiaoming Lin, Global Head, Aesthetic Development at Galderma has over 20 years in Research and development. She has over 15-year experience in Dermatology and Aesthetic Development.  She served as Vice President of Clinical Research and Development for three different companies in dermatology area, prior to joining Galderma. She has designed numerous programs to get products approved in the US (some in Canada as well) and China for different indications. She has led scale development efforts, such as Lip fullness scale,  midface fullness scale, Chin Retrusion scale and Infraorbital Hollowness scale. These scales were used as primary efficacy measurement tools leading to FDA and/or CFDA approval of new products and/or new indications in US and/or in China. She has authorized over 10 scientific publications.

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