IMCAS World Congress 2019


Industry guest lectures

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Room: Courtyard (Exhibition Hall - Level 2)
Date: Friday 1 February 2019 at 08:30 to 18:30
Format: OPEN STAGE > dedicated stage located within the exhibition area welcoming presentations in an informal setting
> organisation:
4x15-min presentations in front of an audience

Lectures of the session

Hours Speakers Lecture title Abstract Number
08:30 Eric MERLE Genoskin - Recycling discarded human skin samples from surgical resections to accelerate drug development 80783
09:00 To be announced View 82737
09:15 Dr Gabriel SERRANO SAN MIGUEL Sesderma - Ferulac peels: classic and plus; Ferulac Valencia, melases TCA TRX View 82745
09:45 Walter D ARKESTEIJN Innofaith Beauty Sciences - Meet the expert View 82797
10:00 Dr Ting Song LIM Viol - Microneedle pulse RF: a new approach in managing pigmentary disorders View 78071
10:15 Dr Yasemin SAVAS Renaissance - Primavera: a new therapeutical approach to intimate rejuvation and vulvovaginal atrophy View 81987
10:30 Konika PATEL SCHALLEN Candela - Vbeam Prima: the complete vascular platform 76761
10:45 Dr Peter BJERRING Candela - Nordlys: advanced treatment of rosacea with IPL short pulse 76779
11:00 Dr Nicola Maria ILACQUA Regen Lab - Erectile deficit therapy by PRP View 76767
11:15 Pr Karsten KNOBLOCH Storz Medical AG - Acoustic Wave Treatment (AWT®): a non-invasive concept for fine lines and wrinkles View 76769
11:30 Basso DI PASQUALE Promoitalia Group Spa - Promesomix: the first integrated system for tissue stimulation and transdermal vehiculation View 76771
11:45 Timur Veysel DOGRUOK T-Lab regenerative medicine - Stromal vascular fraction: how is non-enzymatic digestion possible? View 76773
12:00 Dr Sok Ju KIM Hyundae Meditech Co Ltd - Introduction to retense - Stent shaped mesh PDO thread 76775
12:15 Nathalie FAVELIN Dermaceutic Laboratoire - Dermaceutic Cosmo Peel Forte: an innovative medium peel without pain nor complications 76765
12:30 Lunch break 77273
14:00 Dr Neil S SADICK Venus concept - Addressing tone, tightness and texture with Tribella™ for Venus Versa™  77275
14:15 Dr Ines VERNER Venus Concept - Venus Legacy™: your full body solution for patient satisfaction 77277
14:30 Dr Karolina KOPEC PYCIARZ Regenera Activa - Androgenic alopecia - Guidelines and new treatment opportunities View 77279
14:45 Pr Swapnil Deepak SHAH Regenera Activa - Autologous skin micrografts in androgenetic alopecia 77281
15:00 Dr Laurence BARRY Kleresca / FB Dermatology - Fluorescent light energy: a novel, non-invasive method for skin rejuvenation 77283
15:15 Dr Ahmed AL QAHTANI AQ Skin Solutions - The untold story about PRP View 77285
15:30 Dr Laura BALINT Qventis GMBH II Renee - Bionic HA gels for facial rejuvenation 77713
15:45 Dr Farhan TAGHIZADEH Yozma BMTech - Cryo CO2 skin therapy, a new frontier in skin care 78005
16:00 Coffee break 78745
16:30 Pr Daniel CASSUTO Perfaction Technologies - How to optimize our regenerative approach in various skin conditions 79665
16:45 Byong Seung CHO Exocobio - Stem cell-derived exosome and skin part 1 View 79659
17:00 Byong Seung CHO Exocobio - Stem cell-derived exosome and skin part 2 View 79661
17:15 Dr Aurora TEDESCHI Relife - Clinical-instrumental evaluation of a new hyperpigmentation treatment 79663
17:30 Michael POLAKOV Laboratoires Vivacy - How to bridge an aesthetic surgical consultation discussion from facial labia over to genital labia 78753
17:45 Ken PEARCE HangZhou Sing Clean Medical - Singfiller product introduction and plastic surgery industry dynamic sharing 80775
18:00 Dr Claire CABROL SABATIER Hironic - Doublo gold: High intensity focused ultrasound technology for tightening and rejuvenation 81815
18:15 Dr Claire CABROL SABATIER Hironic - Plasonic: Combination of low temperature plasma and ultrasound for rejuvenation 81817
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