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IMCAS World Congress 2024

FOCUS ON OS 013 TO 017

Open Stage - Non-sponsored scientific lectures

Room: Open stage (Exhibition Hall) - Level 3
Date: Saturday 3 February 2024 at 08:30 to 17:30
Format: OPEN STAGE TALK > oral presentations taking place on a dedicated stage within the exhibition area and which are video-recorded by our professional AV team

Lectures of the session

Hours Speakers Lecture title Abstract Number
08:30 Split face comparison of microdermabrasion and IPL therapy regarding rejuvenation View 134757
08:40 Lifting or filling View 132082
08:50 Arterial wall and tissue penetration force with various cannulas and needles View 132054
09:00 Tear trough injection and tightening by collagen and thread View 132055
09:10 Neuroesthetics: new neuroscience concepts for better assessments and procedures with better aesthetic and psychological results View 132059
09:20 Ethical practices of nutritional supplement marketing View 132061
09:30 Autologous micrografting for androgenetic alopecia View 132066
09:40 Efficacy of prabotulinumtoxinA injections for the management of Raynaud's View 132070
09:50 Cellular medicine for regenerative beauty and health optimization View 132071
10:00 Collagen stretch marks removal, success and utilities View 132072
10:10 Dentistry and botulinum toxin View 132076
10:20 Fractional bipolar RF: integrated protocols with injectables in face rejuvenation View 132077
10:30 Case report – Complication and granuloma formation treatment post-intradermal administration of CaHA View 132079
10:40 The relationship between surface landmarks and the facial muscles: perspective of botulinum toxin injection View 132080
10:50 Correcting downturned oral commissures: a challenge by dermal fillers View 132087
11:00 Why do patients choose aesthetic minimally invasive treatments View 132083
11:10 Lips: focus on their meaning in women’s world - Assessment and technique for harmonic and natural results View 132084
11:20 Beyond skin quality: potential dermatological indications for exosomes View 132081
11:30 Preventative "Tox": what is the evidence for cosmetic botulinumtoxinA in young adults? View 133194
11:40 Overview of complications with HA fillers - Update 2024 View 132088
11:50 Use of biomodulating solution for the treatment of androgenetic alopecia View 132074
12:00 Anatomical approach to hand rejuvenation: the Anatomically Based (AB) injection techniques View 132062
12:10 Revolutionizing medical aesthetics: a collaborative approach to ethical business growth View 132057
12:20 The power of digital image in the aesthetic practice View 132085
13:00 Facial rejuvenation through mesotherapy and microneedling combination View 132086
13:10 Canula vs. needle: a comparison based on ultrasound findings View 133191
13:20 Intramuscle buttock filling 4,725 clinical cases View 132599
13:30 Accuracy in glabellar neurotoxin injections - We've been doing it wrong for 30 years View 132058
13:40 Safer approach to non-surgical rhinoplasty View 132078
13:50 Botulinum therapy and HA fillers injection in rehabilitation of facial palsy: different strategies in acute and late stage of the disease View 133192
14:00 Heterologous type I collagen for genital lichen sclerosus: a novel therapeutic approach View 135157
14:10 Blindness case partially resolve View 133190
14:20 HA infiltration for the labia majora View 134751
14:40 Telomers as key player for longevity View 134752
14:50 Full-face treatment for facial refinement with HA: harmonization and balance to enhance individual characteristics View 134755
15:00 Nose beautification with HA fillers: which patient to choose, which technique to use? View 132065
15:10 Autologous full-face lifting and bio-augmentation View 134753
15:20 Swelling after HA fillers injection: management and prevention View 134754
15:30 Middle and lower facial rejuvenation injections under the guidance of "future" aesthetics View 132069
15:40 Periorbital skin rejuvenation with combination of HIFU, eye booster, and botulinum toxin A: a case series of 53 patients View 136487
15:50 The application of fiber optic lipolysis in lower eyelid blepharoplasty: evaluating effectiveness with long-term outcome View 132060
16:00 Minimally invasive approach to facial rejuvenation in Asian patients: anatomy and clinical complications View 132600
16:10 Presenting own experience of intracavernous neurotoxin injection "BOCOX" in male erectile dysfunction View 132056
16:20 Clinical application and consideration of focused ultrasound technology View 132075
16:30 Treatment of the double chin – brilliant results thanks to combination treatments View 132068
16:40 Cosmetic concerns and aging as a symptoms of underlying causes View 134758
16:50 Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) in cosmetic and antiaging medicine: what we know and what we don't know View 134756
17:00 Strategic full thickness TLA may reduce pain, facial lipolysis and heat injury while improving outcomes with EBD energy stacking View 133193
17:10 Categorized side effect and complications of Microneedling View 132063