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IMCAS World Congress 2024

FOCUS ON 044, 045

Body surgery (in collaboration with ESPRS)

Partner of the session
Egyptian Society Of Plastic Reconstructive Surgery
Room: Room Maillot - Level 2
Date: Thursday 1 February 2024 at 13:30 to 15:30
Format: FOCUS SESSION > lectures covering a major topic of the congress


Plastic Surgeon
Dr Gilbert ZAKINE
Plastic Surgeon

Lectures of the session

Hours Speakers Lecture title Abstract Number
13:30 IMCAS Surgery 1-year post-op: abdominal liposuction 132842
13:40 Abdominal contouring after weight loss - Choosing the right procedure 132843
13:50 Old is gold: tips and tricks for natural abdominoplasty results 132845
14:00 Medical precision in body contouring: exploring approaches for optimal outcomes (educational grant from Moeller) 132844
14:10 Sculpting the torso: do we really need to add fat? 132846
14:20 Manual liposuction - Experience of 20 years and over 500 cases 132847
14:30 Tranexamic acid: a game changer in liposuction 132848
14:40 High definition body contouring in obese, redo and post-massive weight loss patients 135115
14:50 Mommy makeover and other combined aesthetic procedures: what are the recommended combinations and related techniques? Challenges in selection, performing, and follow-up View 132849
15:00 Body contouring in male and female with vaser ultrasound liposuction 136040
15:10 The seven deadly sins of fake definition liposculpture View 135043
15:20 Discussion and Q&A 133722