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Dominique DU CREST

Industry Representative

SKINAID is a skin-centric media and consulting company:

1/ The media arm curates dermatology and skin science information to nurture a conversation with professionals and consumers. With evidence as a guiding star, the Twitter account @ducrest daily curates dermatology and skin science

2/ Our consultancy services focus on strategic planning and processes to ensure that evidence-based conversations are up to speed within the scientific community as well as on social media

In one word: skin addict

Skin is fascinating! As well as being the largest organ of the body, skin is the silent mirror of important systemic disorders (compromised skin) and the mirror of external concerns (healthy skin and ageing skin). Skin taps into various disciplines: hard science (scientific and medical), soft science (psychology, sociology, anthropology,…). Last but not least skin is playing a gateway role for applications of today’s digital revolution (Internet of Things, social media, artificial intelligence, big data,…)


Member of the Home Use Device (HUD) Working Group

Member of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venerology (EADV)

IMCAS: Course Director of the Cosmeceuticals Master Class, Executive Editor of IMCAS Academy and Creator of the Sharktank

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