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Dr Patrizia D ALESSIO


MD (Milan) PhD (Utrecht) Hematologist , Hemorheologist, cell biologist. Fields of expertise : cell senescence, inflammation, anti-antig, anti-senescence, anti-inflammatory strategies. Link between stress and chronic inflammatory diseases.

Tissue repair, elasticity, connective tissue.

Professor of cell biology (1992-2012) at medical faculties Paris 5 (René Descartes) and Paris Sud-11 Universities created AISA Therapeutics in 2005 (3 patents granted in EU, US, China) following the national award for innovative research to promote IP, R&D and commercialisation of new chemical entities able to stop inflammation in senescent cells, reverse senescence, treat wounds and scars. Chronix inflammatory and degenerative diseases and their dependence on stress. Analysis of lifestyle influence on well-being. New book : “Inflammation-body alert system” Dangles ed., launching April 2019.


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