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Prof Patrizia D ALESSIO


MD (Milan) Hematologist, PhD (Utrecht) Hemorheologist, cell biologist. Fields of expertise : cell senescence, inflammation, reversible senescence, anti-inflammatory strategies, anti-aging molecules.  Stress influence on chronic inflammatory diseases, implication of microbiota and barrier function of the gut.

Tissue repair, elasticity, reversibility senescent phenotype.

Professor of cell biology (1992-2012) at medical faculties Paris 5 (René Descartes) and Paris Sud-11 Universities created AISA Therapeutics in 2005 (3 patents granted in EU, US, CN) following the national award for innovative research to promote IP, R&D and commercialisation of a bioactive complex able to stop inflammation in senescent cells, reverse senescence, treat wounds and scars. Chronic inflammatory and degenerative diseases and their dependence on ongoing stress. Lifestyle influence on well-being. New book : “Inflammation-body alert system” Dangles ed., April 2019. New topic : SARS-CoV-2 as model of aging.

Impact of diet and nutraceutical supplementation on inflammation in elderly people. Results from the FP7 EU study RISTOMED, an open-label randomized control trial. Ostan R, ... Brigidi P, d’Alessio PA. Clin Nutr. 2016;35:812-818.

AISA can control the inflammatory facet of SASP. d’Alessio PA, Mechanisms of Ageing and Development, 2020 Jan 2; 186:111206.

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