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Prof Raphael SINNA

Plastic Surgeon

Professor Raphael SINNA, MD, PhD,MBA

is currently the Head of department of  Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery at Amiens University Hospital (France). He is a French and European Board certified plastic surgeon..


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Raphael SINNA's publications (50)

Early subcutaneous drainage of skin and soft tissue infections in patients with febrile neutropenia: A new treatment option.

May, 2020

Patients with febrile neutropenia presenting a cutaneous portal of entry for an infectious agent are at high risk of death (19-32%). If medical management is well codified, surgical management represents a therapeutic dilemma because the only available option is an aggressive debridement of the infected area which is associated with a high morbidity rate. Our objective was to implement a low-risk technique that is quick to perform and does not delay major surgical debridement if the latter turns out to be necessary. read more

Annales de chirurgie plastique et esthetique

ALGINATE versus NPWT in the Preparation of Surgical Excisions for an STSG: ATEC Trial.

Mar, 2020

A calcium alginate dressing (ALGINATE) and negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) are frequently used to treat wounds which heal by secondary intention. This trial compared the healing efficacy and safety of these 2 treatments. read more

Plastic and reconstructive surgery. Global open

Reply: Botulinum Toxin versus Placebo: A Meta-Analysis of Prophylactic Treatment for Migraine.

12, 2019

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Plastic and reconstructive surgery
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