IMCAS World Congress 2020
Pre Course

The Aesthetic Anatomy & Injection Class

Monday 27 January 2020, 09:00 to Tuesday 28 January 2020, 17:00
at Fer à Moulin School of Surgery & Anatomy and ThinkIn


Before IMCAS 2020 starts on Thursday Jan 30th, let’s bring aesthetic learning to a more intimate, engaging experience, through a 2-day practical sessions on the preceding Monday and Tuesday.

Through the combination of fresh cadaver dissections, hands on, as well as live demonstrations with various new formats - rotating classes, video captation. The course covers traditional and advanced injection skills for both neuromodulator and filler...

The best anatomist and injectables experts transfer their knowledge on personal basic and advanced techniques.

Formats include:
• Small group cadaver dissections and practical injections
• Videos lectures & talks
• Hands on anatomical subjects and patients
• Live demonstrations

Monday: prestigious “Fer à Moulin“ School of Surgery & Anatomy in Paris
Tuesday: Thinkin, a A-class location in Paris right across from the Eiffel Tower

14 CME credits

Registration deadline: January 3, 2020

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Pre-Course - The Aesthetic Anatomy & Injection Class :

Monday 27 January 2020, 09:00

A 1-day program:

• Morning: anatomy lectures and videos
• Afternoon: live dissection and techniques on cadaver - face, neck, décolleté́, hands - and danger zones, in small groups , with a rotation every 30’

Educational Objectives:
> Combination of fresh cadaver dissections, hands on, as well as live demonstrations on basic and advanced techniques
> Focus on levels, zones, and plans for technical practice purposes
• Facial Ageing
• Facial safe zones
• Facial layers
• Muscles
• Fatty tissues (super cial and deep fat compartments)
• Relation with bone and dermo-epidermic level
• Dangers zones, mainly the facial artery and veins systems and nerves

For each post:
> First step: the instructor performs the dissection of the dedicated location on one hemiface. Then, dissection is performed by the attendees on the other hemiface and neck.
> Second step: each participant injects in that respective region under supervision and guidance of an expert

Pre-Course - Injection techniques neuromodulator and soft tissue fillers :

Tuesday 28 January 2020, 09:00

A 1-day program with two focused modules:

MODULE 1: techniques. Fundamental injections for face, neck, décolleté, and hands

• Pharmacology • Anatomy
• Physiology of muscles and fat compartments
• Advanced injection for face, neck, decolleté, and hands
• Step by step techniques of facial shaping, volumizing and contouring with cannulas and needles
• Relations with bones and dermo epidermic levels, and dangers zones (arterie, veins and nerves)
• Review of complications and difficult cases • Male vs female approach
• Millenials, 40, 60 approaches
• Adapting your Fee Structure
• Q&A

MODULE 2: 3D anatomy & ultrasonography. Virtual anatomy to optimize your injection

• Use of 3D & Augmented Reality Anatomy: augmented reality assessment & injections aid in 3D anatomy with superposition of arteries, veins, nerves, bone structures
• Live tracking of the facial dynamics using time of flight camera combined with advanced smartphone’s app
• AR assessment using 3D scanning and augmented reality
Pre and post injections facial ultrasonography
• Ultrasound localization and characterization of the products to inject (especially during inflammatory or vascular complications)
• Echographic Anatomy with direct vision of the facial areas, vessels, muscles and all important structures to explore through Sagittal cuts
Closing Ceremony
• Evaluation form completion
• Group pictures with the experts • Delivery of certificates

Dr Benjamin ASCHER
Plastic Surgeon , France
Chair 99238
Pr Sebastian COTOFANA
Anatomist , United States
Chair 99239
09:00 Dr Emmanuel ELARD
MD , France
Expert Faculty 99240
09:00 Dr Sebastien GARSON
Plastic Surgeon , France
Expert Faculty 99241
09:00 Dr Thomas RAPPL
Plastic Surgeon , Austria
Expert Faculty 99242
09:00 Dr Leonie SCHELKE
Phlebologist , Netherlands
Expert Faculty 99243
09:00 Dr Peter VELTHUIS
Dermatologist , Netherlands
Expert Faculty 99244
09:00 Dr Hugues CARTIER
Dermatologist , France
Expert Faculty 99245
09:00 Dr Diana GAVRIL
Plastic Surgeon , Romania
Expert Faculty 99246
09:00 MODULE 1: techniques Fundamental injections for face, neck, décolleté, and hands 99143
09:00 MODULE 2: 3D anatomy & ultrasonography Virtual anatomy to optimize your injection 99144

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