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Dr Xanya Sofra has a doctorate in Neurophysiology from City University London and a doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the New School of Social Research, New York.  She is an international speaker in several Medical and Anti-aging societies.  She is the Director of Research and Development of innovative technology based on electronics and formula originally invented in London University and past director of Research of UV Innovations at the EU funded Business Innovations Centre in London, UK.  Her current research is on signaling pathways,  wound healing and novel interventions resulting in visceral fat decrease and hormonal balance increase.

Publications:  Several Publications in the American Academy of Anti-aging Journals and online including: "Empower the Woman: A Comprehensive Model of Sexual Anti-aging", "Gain Without Pain: Beyond Sport Effortless Exercise Solutions", "Circadian Skin Clocks and their Effects on Acne, Stretchmarks, and Keloid Scars" "How Gene Expression Affects the Anti-aging Process", "Why Nobel Winning Studies Focus on Molecular Mechanisms". "The Importance of the Immune System in Anti-aging", "Molecular Dynamics of Skin Disorders", "Signalling Pathways and Protein Communications", "Specific waveform constellations increase protein production in stem cells", "Signaling Technology, Obesity and Diabetes", "Narcissistic Personality Disorder", "Emotion and Physical Illness", "Signaling Technology Results of T3, DHEA and Muscle Mass increase with a significant increase in Body Fat" etc.  Current articles submitted to a number of different Elsevier and Springer Journals.

Current interests:  Motor Nerve Signaling and its effect on hormonal balance, toxicity and appetite; Preventive and Regenerative Medicine with a focus on the effects of protein signaling on the immune system and overall health, Character Disorders and their effects on physical and mental health

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